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The PSL Public Law module has been developed, to provide practical guidance for lawyers working with government departments, public sector organisations and those working in Private Practice servicing the Public Sector.

The content set covers a range of core topics including constitutional and administrative law, judicial review, freedom of information and public procurement. It also covers pervasive subjects such as European Law, Equality and Human Rights, Information Security and Access, Management and Strategic Planning. Our practical guidance is complemented by public sector focused news analysis, toolkits and trackers accessible from our homepage, plus a range of training materials and webinars are also available. The entire content set is designed to aid navigation to key materials and to deliver information in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Our aim is to provide targeted guidance which captures the issues of primary relevance to central government lawyers, legal counsel and private practitioners dealing with government departments and public sector bodies. In order to achieve this, we engage with lawyers in the field to understand their specific requirements on an ongoing basis. Our content is written and curated with public sector users in mind, with contributions from specialist authors offering the latest market insight and best practice.

As the PSL Public Law module continues to engage, evolve and adapt to frequent changes and developments in the field, we remain dedicated to addressing the issues from the perspective of public sector practitioners and providing support, guidance and materials tailored to their needs.

Key features

•  Targeted practical guidance and news analysis from specialists offering the latest market insight to help you stay on top of legal developments and find the information you need fast

•  Direct links to related reading across PSL and LexisLibrary, providing access to the UK’s most authoritative and comprehensive collection of consolidated legislation, cases, forms, precedents and commentary

•  Content designed to aid navigation to key materials and to deliver information in a user-friendly and efficient manner

•  Practice Notes setting out key information in a clear and concise format, supported by the underlying legal authority

•  Easy-to-use flowcharts, checklists, toolkits, trackers and training aids to help you navigate the key issues and subject matter

•  Legal and market news delivered to your inbox, with ‘so what’ analysis

• Access to multimedia content and webinars on hot topics