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Reduce commercial risk and assess the implications of transaction law faster when advising clients. Boost productivity, free up business development time and maintain quality by making it easier for junior lawyers to draft accurately with less supervision.

Your challenge:

When advising clients, it’s vital to ensure your firm isn’t exposed to claims through process errors. How can you reduce the time it takes to research client questions and draft documents, freeing up senior staff for much-needed business development? And how can you maintain quality, even when using junior lawyers?

How we can help:

Lexis®Nexis offers a one-stop shop for property lawyers. Research answers to tricky legal questions faster with access to expert practical guidance. Draft more efficiently and accurately using property precedents that include detailed drafting notes. Maintain your current awareness with news alerts and analysis.

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • Continued significant Q&A build - circa 50 p/m
  • Continued to add to Scottish Property topic – including a further 20+ Practice Notes as well as further Precedents. Further content due in H2
  • New residential topic added comprising 8 sub-topics. Correlative sub-topics removed from other existing topics, so that all residential content is in one place. Further and enhanced content due in H2, particularly on plot sales
  • New agricultural topic added comprising 6 sub-topics: Correlative sub-topics removed from other existing topics, so that all agricultural property content is in one place. We will continue to expand this content
  • Review and enhancement of suite of call options
  • Updated and enhanced lease clauses for energy performance certificates (EPCs), minimum energy efficiency requirements (MEES) and environmental performance

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