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Complex research; lengthy application approvals; threats and infringements. Whatever challenges you face in drafting, defending and protecting patents, LexisNexis® can help. We offer intellectual property (IP) products that span the patent workflow, delivering precision and insight for successful patent management.

Your challenge:

The patent application process can take years to complete, limiting your ability to keep your IP safe and gain maximum value from it. What would help you speed up the patent research and application process, protect patents more efficiently, and monetise them more effectively?

How we can help:

LexisNexis offers IP services that span the patent workflow. Our services are designed to help you simplify patent research; protect, implement and get your patents to market; manage your patent application portfolio more efficiently; and monitor your own patent applications and those of your competitors.

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What's new in Intellectual Property

Sample Title

The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • We have finalized the work across statements of case and now have complete precedent sets across Copyright, Patents, Trade Marks and Designs. We are the only PG product that offers statements of case to this level.
  • We have continued the work to build out the precedent’s clause bank, introducing a number of new clauses to the IP specific clause bank.
  • We have now replaced the EF&P content with PSL bespoke and now have a large suite of pro-party precedents across the key areas of IP practice, including Copyright, Patents, Trade Marks and Designs. As a result of the work in this area this content set is now more comprehensive than that offered by other providers.
  • We now provide new starter guides across IP covering Databases, IP generally, Trade Marks, Patents and Designs. This is the most comprehensive set of trainee training materials on the practical guidance market. No other provider offers this level of content in this area.
  • We have also increased our Q&A bank during this time by 15%.