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Confidently advise your clients on current obligations and credentials by keeping pace with evolving environmental legislation. Easily access current case law and latest news from 20,000+ sources worldwide; and draft documents quickly and efficiently, even when you’re under time pressure.

Your challenge:

Environmental legislation is complex, pervasive and constantly evolving; and the penalties for non-compliance are punitive. How can you stay up to date with regulations relating to transactions as diverse as conveyancing, construction, decommissioning and emissions?

How we can help:

Rely on LexisNexis® for extensive resources that help ensure you always reference current environmental case law and follow international agreements as well as local legislation. Stay informed about the latest legal and regulatory developments – and about any breaches by clients or competitors.

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What's new in Environment Law

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • Significantly enhanced current awareness service - both in terms of speed and coverage
  • Publication of x 4 environment transactions toolkits; share purchase, asset purchase, commercial property and leases
  • Enhanced Brexit topic
  • New energy for environmental lawyers topic, since energy module launch
  • Significant enhancement of invasive and injurious weeds, waste (including new subtopics), water and flooding content.
  • Signficant enhancement of marine conservation, marine pollution, biodiversity, agicultural diffuse pollution and pesticides
  • Monthly environmental law podcast
  • Number of new Q&As

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