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Ensure your client advice is on point through access to the latest employment law and news. Covering the full range of employment topics, LexisNexis® gives you the information you need with time-saving tools to help you get work done faster.

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With employment law frequently changing, do you find it a challenge to stay current? Do you worry your advice to clients might be out of date? Do research, drafting and proofing take far too long?

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LexisNexis helps you stay current by giving you legal news, current legislation and case law along with up-to-date practical guidance. In addition, precedents and proofing tools help you draft faster.

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What's new in Employment Law

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New ‘Scottish materials’ subtopic, with 5 Practice Notes, 3 Precedents (more on the way), legislation, cases, news, rules and guidance
  • An extensive suite of new and updated data protection materials covering the GDPR for employment lawyers (currently 8 Practice Notes, 20+ Precedents, with more to be added)
  • 20 new Practice Notes, 15+ new Precedents and 6 Checklists/Flowcharts added, meaning we now have over 500 Practice Notes, over 540 Precedents and over 55 Checklists and Flowcharts