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Insuring tax risk in transactions
Practice notes

This Practice Note looks at the situations in which tax risk insurance may be used, the risks that may be covered, the steps involved in a typical underwriting process and the key terms of a tax insurance policy. This Practice Note was produced in partnership with Mary Duffy of AIG.

Warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance in M&A transactions
Practice notes

Produced in partnership with Mary Duffy of AIG. This Practice Note looks at the use of warranty and indemnity insurance (W&I insurance) policies in private M&A deals (whether share purchase transaction or asset purchase transaction) to cover losses from breach of the seller’s warranties and indemnities. It considers the strategic benefits of W&I policies (whether taken out by the buyer or the seller), the differences between buyer and seller coverage, key policy terms and the steps involved in the underwriting process.

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