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Professor Özlem Gürses

Professor of Commercial Law, King’s College London
Özlem Gürses is a professor of commercial law at King's College London. She is a Committee Member of BILA, sits in Presidential Council of AIDA and Vice-Chair of the Reinsurance Working Party. As well as King's College London Özlem teaches insurance, reinsurance and marine insurance law at several other institutions in home and abroad including the University of Hamburg, World Maritime University, National University of Singapore, Queen Mary-University of London. Özlem is the author of a number of books on insurance and reinsurance law, the most widely known of which probably is Marine Insurance Law (a student textbook) and the latest book she published is on the compulsory motor vehicle insurance.
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Loss settlement clauses
Loss settlement clauses
Practice notes

This Practice Note considers loss settlement clauses in reinsurance, including full follow the settlements clauses, follow the fortunes clauses and qualified double proviso Hill & M&G clauses. It also provides guidance on the relationship between loss settlement clauses and claims control or claims cooperation clauses.

Practice Area


  • Contributing Author


  • BILA (British Insurance Law Association) Committee
  • AIDA (International Insurance Law Association) – Presidential Council
  • Reinsurance Working Party – AIDA (Vice- Chair)
  • Society of Legal Scholars


  • LLB (2001)
  • LLM (Public Law) (2004)
  • LLM (Maritime Law) (2006)
  • PhD (Reinsurance Law) (2009)


  • University of Southampton (PhD): (2006-2009)
  • University of Southampton (LLM) (2005-2006)
  • Istanbul University (LLM) (2002-2004)
  • Istanbul University (LLB) (1997-2001)

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