Francesca Quint

Professional background

Francesca Quint is best known as a specialist in charity law, an area in which she has been working for the whole of her career to date. Her interest in charity law dates from the time when she was reading law as an undergraduate at King's College, London.

Professional expertise

Charity law naturally overlaps with distinct areas of law in which Francesca also practises which impinge on the activities of charities. These include education, housing, ecclesiastical law and aspects of public law. It also extends to those areas which affect people who wish to support charities, such as wills, trusts and tax, in which Francesca is often asked to advise regardless of any specific charity involvement.

A good deal of Francesca's work is non-contentious but she often finds herself advising charities in trouble, whether financial, constitutional or regulatory, or acting for one side or another in disputes within, between or involving charities.

Publications and speaking engagements

Francesca is a member (and previous executive committee member) of the Charity Law Association, for whom she drafted its model governing documents for charities. Her other publications include Volume 6(2) Charities and Charitable Giving of the Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents and Sweet & Maxwell's looseleaf 'Charities: the Law and Practice' with Douglas Cracknell and others and various articles and case notes for the 'Charity Law & Practice Review' and other journals.

Francesca regularly delivers lectures, seminars and in-house courses on charity law and management for Central Law Training, and sometimes for the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners ('STEP') and the Chancery Bar Association.


Francesca has been an adviser to the National Association of Almshouses since 1989 and a trustee of the Association of Charitable Foundations, the Bishopsgate Foundation, Charity Forum, St Peter's Home & Sisterhood (Woking), Dulwich College and Elizabeth Finn Care, whose Homes subsidiary she also chaired.

Contributed to


Charitable companies
Practice Note

This Practice Note deals with the role of a company as the trustee of a charity. The duties and obligations of the directors of a company in such a position is discussed.

Charitable public appeals
Practice Note

Charitable public appeals are extremely common but they can present problems. This Practice Note, produced in partnership with Francesca Quint of Radcliffe Chambers, examines the procedure that has to be complied with when embarking on a public appeal and deals with the issues that arise if the appeal fails to generate the expected funds, or the funds that are collected cannot be used, for whatever reason, for the intended purpose.

Charitable public collections
Practice Note

This Practice Note produced in partnership with Francesca Quint of Radcliffe Chambers examines the way public collections are made, whether this be house-to-house or in the street. An indication of the rules and regulations is given as well as where current legislative framework dealing with these collections can be found.

Charities raising funds by third party involvement
Practice Note

This Practice Note produced in partnership with Francesca Quint of Radcliffe Chambers explores how third parties can become involved in the raising of monies for charities, whether they be professional fundraisers, commercial partners or otherwise. The regulation of fundraising activities is also discussed.

Charity trustees - a brief guide
Practice Note

Some of the most significant decisions for an individual or group of people who have decided to establish a charity relates to trusteeship. This Practice Note examines how the charity and its trustee body are to be structured, who are to be chosen to be the first trustees and how trustees are to be selected in future.

Charity trustees' functions
Practice Note

This Practice Note discusses in brief detail the functions of charity trustees as well as the various ways in which charity property can be held. Further reading links and details of expanded content on these matters are given.

Charity trustees' powers
Practice Note

This Practice Note introduces the basic powers that are available to charity trustees whether those trustees are companies, associations or where those powers are derived from a trust instrument.

Charity trustees—duties and liabilities
Practice Note

This Practice Note written by Francesca Quint of Radcliffe Chambers deals with the various duties that trustees of a charity have to comply with. Some suggestions of limiting trustees' liability are also discussed.

Practice areas


  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Law
  • Barrister (1970)


  • Charity Law Association


  • Consulting Editorial Board


  • King's College London, University of London 1966-1969

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