Judge Simon Middleton

District Judge and Regional Costs Judge

Simon Middleton is a District Judge and Regional Costs Judge. He has sat on both the Midland and Western regions. Prior to judicial appointment he was a solicitor in private practice for 17 years and had higher court rights of advocacy (civil).

Simon has been a member of the Judicial College tutor team for 6 years and is now one of the Course Directors responsible for the delivery of civil law education to the judiciary. His primary responsibilities in these roles have been related to the teaching of costs and costs/case management. He was one of the small cadre of judges charged with the development and delivery of judicial training on the 'Jackson' reforms in the run up to implementation.

Simon has been interested in costs throughout his career and has lectured and written on the topic of costs extensively over the years. He would say that he never had a choice as he was an articled clerk at Messrs Ward Bowie when the senior partner of that firm was none other than Michael Cook. He is delighted to have the opportunity to maintain the 'Ward Bowie' link with this text.

Practice areas

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