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Zainab Hodgson

My experience covers many forms of dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation. I have significant experience acting for clients from numerous sectors in relation to a wide variety of commercial disputes. I have particular experience in complex contractual disputes, fraud, misrepresentation claims, insurance disputes and claims with an international administrative law dimension. My practice is international in scope and I have experience dealing with complex cross-border issues, such as conflicts of law, jurisdiction, enforcing foreign judgments and devising international litigation strategies involving multiple jurisdictions.
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Equitable remedies in contractual disputes
Equitable remedies in contractual disputes
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This Practice Note considers the equitable remedies potentially available in contractual disputes, including the remedies of specific performance, declaratory relief, claims for rectification, for rescission, when injunctive relief may be available and when the court may award restitutionary damages.

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