Gary Donaldson

Gary is Head of Product and Innovation at leading land and property search organisation Millar & Bryce. Gary is responsible for ensuring that the wide range of property related services comply with current legislation and practice and driving innovation in the conveyancing sector.

He has been with Millar & Bryce for over 10 years. Previously having roles in Registers of Scotland and Ordnance Survey, he has a broad background of experience in the land and property sector. Gary led the Millar & Bryce changes when the 2012 Act was introduced and continues to look at improvements to support the registration process.

Gary regularly speaks on range of plans and land registration matters at events across Scotland. He was also instrumental in creating the Millar Bryce publication “A Basic Guide to Conveyancing” which is distributed to students of the Diploma in Legal Practice courses across Scotland.

Contributed to


A guide to land registration and the sasine register in Scotland
Practice notes

This Practice Note explains the establishment of the register of sasines in Scotland and its gradual replacement with the land register first created under the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 (LR(S)A 1979) and subsequently the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012 (LRE(S)A 2012). It sets out the changes brought in under the LRE(S)A 2012 including; automatic plot registration; keeper induced registration (KIR); title warranty; rectification of the register; advance notices and the one-shot rule.

Investigating title in Scotland—searches and enquiries—the basics
Practice notes

This Practice Note describes the legal reports and plan reports both of registered and unregistered land as well as searches including Property Enquiry Certificates (PECs), company searches, searches in the register of community interests in land, coal mining, environmental, sites of specific scientific interest (SSSI) rights of way and listed buildings which either should or may be undertaken before settlement when dealing with property in Scotland.

Practice areas


  • Specialist Panel

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