Keep abreast of tax law and answer urgent questions more easily with regular updates on new cases and legislation alongside clearly written practical guidance underpinned by legal authority. Advise your clients with confidence and boost your productivity with time-saving drafting tools.

Your challenge:

Given the volume of tax law and its ceaseless evolution, keeping on top of it can feel like a never-ending battle. How can you keep track of new cases and legislation efficiently? When asked for advice on a transaction at the last moment, how can you answer quickly and accurately?

How we can help:

LexisNexis® makes it easy for you to stay on top of the latest tax law and communicate the key points to your clients quickly. Precedents with detailed drafting notes and time-saving drafting tools help give accurate advice in less time, with easy access to all the authority you need.

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New 2018-19—Budget, Finance Bill and Spring Statement topic, where all our content covering this fiscal year’s events, including our Finance Bill 2019 tracker, are found
  • New Practice Note:  EU reporting rules for cross-border tax arrangements - implementation of EU Directive DAC 6, which has been causing our customers some headaches
  • A new subtopic on disputes with Revenue Scotland including Practice Notes: Scotland: devolved taxes and the Scottish tribunal system and Appealing a Revenue Scotland decision
  • Further expansion of Q&A bank, which now stands at over 275
  • Expansion of existing topics with flowcharts and checklists in response to customer feedback

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