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In the wide-ranging field of commercial law, LexisNexis® is your single source of tools, resources, news and guidance for maintaining current awareness, advising clients in all areas, and reducing the risk and effort involved in document drafting.

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In the face of stiff competition and reduced headcount, are you shouldering an expanding workload? Are you under pressure to deliver advice in non-specialist areas, but struggling to keep up with the latest developments? Are you looking to reuse documents to save time, but worried about the potential for drafting errors?

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LexisNexis® resources and guidance help you stay up to date in all areas of commercial and corporate law. Drafting tools help you create complex documents faster – to keep pace with your firm’s and your clients’ expectations; and more accurately – to reduce exposure to negligence or reputational, commercial or regulatory risk.

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What's new in Commercial Law

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018

  • Major updates to a number of Practice Notes in 'Online advertising and adtech' including online advertising, online behavioural advertising.
  • Major update to core Practice Note on direct marketing in the 'Marketing and sponsorship' subtopic
  • New precedent Event Sponsorship Agreement-pro organiser
  • Comprehensive review and update to all Commercial content and precedents to reflect change in data protection legislation and implementation of GDPR including new sub topic: Data protection essentials including key data protection information for commercial lawyers and PN Supply chains under the GDPR-arrangments between controllers and processors and new precedent Website privacy policy-GDPR compliant
  • Update "Doing business in" guides to 6 jurisdictions
  • New Supply of Services content including PN Using Framework agreements for services, and new Precedent: Framework agreement-multiple services contracts under umbrella framework-pro-customer, Precedent: Framework agreement-multiple services contracts under umbrella framework-pro-supplier, Precedent: Transitional services agreement -asset purchase, Precedent: Transitional services agreement-intra group reorganisation. New Precedent: Manufacturing Agreement
  • New Supply of Services content PN Consignment stock agreement -review and negotiaiton guide, PN Warehousing and transport services agreement- review and negotiation guide Precedent: Consignment stock agreement - pro-customer, Precedent: Consignment stock agreement - pro-supplier
  • New content in Contracts;clause bank sub topic - PN: What is set off and when is it available, PN: Types of set off and PN: Contractual set off Updated PN Contract variation
  • New content for international - PN: E-signatures - jurisdictional guide, PN Exeution of deeds - jurisditional guide, PN contract formation - jurisdictional guide
  • New franchising content - Precedent: UK Regional franchising development greement, Precedent: International franchise development agreement
  • Updates also include
    Precedents : Sub-contract agreement , Heads of Terms,
  • PNs: Negotiating damages for contractual breach
  • Checklist: Sub-context agreement -checklist
  • Upcoming content - Precedent Sales and marketing agency agreements (x2), Precedent Warehousing Agreement
  • Review of E-commerce and Joint venture content will be undertaken in Y2 with associated document enhancements