CTSA requirements

By Tolley

The following Corporation Tax guidance note by Tolley provides comprehensive and up to date tax information covering:

  • CTSA requirements
  • Corporation tax returns
  • Duty to notify chargeability
  • Notice to file a return (CT603)
  • Filing of return
  • Long periods of account
  • Online filing
  • Amendments

The Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA) regime deals with all of the administration and payment of corporation tax.

For details on the payment of corporation tax, see the Payment of corporation tax guidance note.

For information on UK tax filing requirements as they apply to overseas companies, see the UK filing requirements guidance note.

Corporation tax returns

The CTSA regime also deals with the filing of tax returns (CT600) which must include:

  • details of the income a company has earned
  • a calculation of the corporation tax liability

The submission of the tax calculation is compulsory for companies, unlike individuals who can shift the responsibility for calculating the tax to HMRC provided they file the return by an earlier date. This facility is not available to companies.

Form CT600 must be filed online and must be accompanied by:

  • a set of signed accounts
  • any other detailed analysis necessary to show that the return is complete and correct, and answers all of the revenue officer’s most obvious questions (usually this takes the form of the tax computation)

The company must ensure that:

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