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With the largest collection of black letter UK law, LexisLibrary gives quick and comprehensive access to up-to-date legislation, case law and commentary.

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No need to search anywhere else. Our exclusive content such as Halsbury’s Laws of England, The Family Court Practice (The Red book), Atkin’s Court Forms, Gore-Browne and many more

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LexisLibrary’s traffic light system shows the status of legislation and cases so you are always using up-to-date law.

Find the law you need

Quickly search more than 600,000 cases to find the one you need. Supported by commentary on cases, forms and precedents.

Use the latest law

Court judgments are available within 90 minutes of being handed down with case digests and enactments published throughout the day.

Access from anywhere

Easily search the UK’s largest legal database, including the full suite of ICLR law reports and All England Law Reports from home or office.

Empower your team

Research is easy for all levels of experience, with guided introductions, commentary and annotations.

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Supercharge your legal work, with one click linking between LexisLibrary and LexisPSL.

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Interpreting complex legislation is hard. Cross linking ensures that you are seeing all related content in one place.

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Stay up to date

Email alerts will immediately inform you of legislative changes.

Effortlessly interpret the law

Halsbury’s Annotations provides the authoritative statement of the law backed by the original primary sources helping you interpret complex legislation.

See how the law has changed

Historical versioning and legislative timelines will let you see exactly what has changed in legislation over time.

Cite the right law

Know if the law you are citing is good or bad with links to cases, judgments and law reports.

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Just having the best tools isn’t always enough. At LexisNexis we will always go the extra mile.

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Questions? We are a phone call away

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Every customer gets free onboarding training for all users

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With more content, more guidance and better support - the effective lawyer uses LexisLibrary.

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LexisLibrary integrates tightly with LexisPSL giving you expert analysis of what developments mean in practice.

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