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Easy online access to Middle East law, with legal news and commentary from across the Middle East.

    An easily searchable and browseable online service providing full translations in English and Arabic of the laws and cases of the United Arab Emirates.
    • Access to legislation, case summaries and commentaries
    • Find solutions to frequently asked questions about Middle East Law
    • Gain easy online access to information that meets the needs of legal practitioners
    • Keep up-to-date with new sources and product innovations
    • Access the laws of Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
    • Get your hands on the latest gazettes and laws quickly
    • Stay up to date with the latest legal news in the Middle East

      Daily News Update
      Keep up-to-date with the latest news from official gazette releases, draft laws in the pipeline and legal developments from across the Middle East, drawn from over 300 English and Arabic regional sources.

      Fully Amended Legislation
      Work with fully amended legislation that is regularly updated including cabinet and ministerial decisions, decrees, executive council decisions, administrative decisions, and implementing regulations.

      Related Cases
      Find related cases from thousands of case decisions from the UAE courts, as well as the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts and the QFC Civil and Commercial Court.

      More than just Laws
      Have easy access not specially commissioned commentary and practical guidance explaining how to apply the laws in practice.

      • Rules and Guidance
        Access rules and guidance issued by Freezones and regulatory bodies such as the QFC and DFSA which link directly to source legislation.

      Quality English Translations
      Cut your translation costs by asking our dedicated legally qualified translation team based in the UAE and Lebanon who specialise in providing quality English translations.

      Dedicated Research Team
      Call upon our dedicated research team if you’re unable to find the law or case you’re looking for. Requested documents can often be delivered within 24 - 48 hours, subject to the complexity of the request.

      Increase Productivity
      Save time and increase productivity by gaining immediate access to the documents you need. Use our dedicated research team to improve efficiency and get things done quicker.

      Keep Up To Date
      Find access to a wide range of laws and legislation that is updated regularly, allowing you to be at the forefront of what is going on in the industry.

      Instant Access to Laws
      Discover the latest official gazettes and new laws (federal and emirate) that are uploaded with English translations within days of official release, meaning your knowledge of legal solutions is always as up to date as possible.

      Reduce research time
      Access laws, cases and regulations issued by a range of bodies from a single place and link directly into relevant legislation and cases in English and Arabic.

      Save Money
      Cut translation costs and save money with quality English translations. Our dedicated legal translation team will save time and make you more efficient.

      How Can I Hear About The Latest News?
      Find the latest legal news by country on the Middle East Online homepage, or set up personalised email alerts on specific practice areas for information on any new or draft laws in the pipeline.

      How Will My Clients Benefit?
      Having immediate access to any new laws within days of their release means that your clients will be able to have the best representation of Middle East Law.

      What If I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For?
      If you’re unable to find the law or case you’re looking for, you can use our ‘request a document’ service, which is free of charge to subscribers. If you subscribe to a menu for a particular jurisdiction(s) you can ask for laws and cases for that country or countries as part of your subscription.

      Can I subscribe to specific jurisdictions?
      We offer a core legal news and commentary service across the region to all our subscribers but you can opt for just the legislation services which match just the jurisdictions you practice in, saving you money.

      How Do I Sign Up?
      Why not request a demo to find out more about Lexis Middle East Law and other LexisNexis products and services? Or call +44 (0) 0845 370 1234 to speak to a customer service advisor.

      Free Product Training
      To learn how to use Middle East Online service, request free product training at the LexisNexis Academy. Should you have any questions about the best training to suit your needs, contact the Training Coordinator on +44 (0) 0207 400 4369.

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