Supply and consideration ― overview

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  • Supply and consideration ― overview
  • Key issues
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Supply and consideration ― overview

This guidance provides an overview of the topic of supply and consideration.

For detailed commentary on the legislation and case law on supply and consideration, see De Voil Indirect Tax Service Division V3.1.

Key issues

A number of key issues arise in relation to supply and consideration from a VAT perspective. The table below sets out a number of the most important areas to consider, along with links to more detailed guidance:

AreaDescriptionGuidance note
Supplies of goods or servicesIt is often important to determine whether a supply is one of goods or services for VAT purposes (for example, this can influence both the time and place of supply of a transaction). Rules therefore exist for determining what is a supply of goods and what is a supply of servicesSupply and consideration ― goods or services?
Supplies made for consideration

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