Other benefits

By Tolley

The following Personal Tax guidance note by Tolley provides comprehensive and up to date tax information covering:

  • Other benefits
  • Payments made on behalf of employee
  • Qualifying relocation expenses payments and benefits
  • Services supplied
  • Other items

The entry in box 15 of the Employment supplementary page  to the Tax Return is the total cash equivalent of:

 £Section of P11D
Payments made on behalf of employeeXB
Interest-free and low interest loansXH
Qualifying relocation expenses payments and benefitsXJ
Services suppliedXK
Other items (including subscriptions and professional fees)XM
Figure entered in box 15X 

These are benefits in kind provided by the employer. To be taxable on the employee / director, these benefits must have been provided ‘by reason of employment’. A benefit provided to a member of the employee or director’s family is taxable on the employee (unless the family member is also an employee, see EIM20505). See the Employment income guidance note.

This guidance note covers all the benefits above except for interest-free and low interest loans, for which see the Interest-free and low interest loans guidance note.

In September 2010, HMRC issued the Expenses and benefits from employment toolkit , which is a guide for employers and their advisers on the risks associated with the end of year forms P11D and should help avoid common reporting errors.

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