IHT400 Supplementary pages

Produced by Tolley

The following Trusts and Inheritance Tax guidance note Produced by Tolley provides comprehensive and up to date tax information covering:

  • IHT400 Supplementary pages
  • IHT402: claim to transfer unused nil rate band
  • IHT403: gifts and other transfers of value
  • IHT404: jointly owned assets
  • IHT407: household and personal goods
  • IHT409: pensions
  • IHT415: interest in another estate
  • IHT418: assets held in trust

IHT400 Supplementary pages

Once you have made a start on completing the main form of the IHT400, you will have identified which supplementary pages you need. See the IHT400 guidance note. HMRC guidance on how to complete the supplementary pages is provided on the forms themselves. In addition, some of the schedules are explained in more detail in the guide (IHT400 notes) (third item on the page). This guidance note provides selective advice on dealing with some of the less obvious points of presentation when completing the schedules.

IHT402: claim to transfer unused nil rate band

Where the deceased has survived more than one spouse or civil partner, you must fill in one form IHT402 for each of them. Treat each on a stand-alone basis to calculate the transferable nil rate band entered in box 20. Add together the box 20 figures from each form to arrive at the total transferable nil rate band, to be transferred to the IHT calculation at box 114 on the main form or box 2 on the IHT400 Calculation (fifth item on page). The maximum transferable nil rate band available is the value of one single nil rate band (£325,000), so if the total exceeds this, enter just £325,000 on the IHT calculation.

In order to complete the form (box 1) and calculate the transferable nil rate band, you will need to know the amount of the nil rate band for the year of death of the first spouse. The inheritance tax nil rate bands going back to 1986 are provided in the Nil rate band guidance note. Earlier nil rate bands under Capital Transfer Tax and Estate Duty are provided in the table of Inheritance tax thresholds on the HMRC website.

As explained in the notes on the form, the spouse exemption was either unavailable or limited before 12 November 1974. If the first spouse died before that date, it is likely that some of the nil rate band will have been

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