Deduction of interest

Produced by Tolley
Deduction of interest

The following Corporation Tax guidance note Produced by Tolley provides comprehensive and up to date tax information covering:

  • Deduction of interest
  • Loan relationship rules
  • Capitalised interest
  • Anti-avoidance legislation
  • Transfer pricing

Loan relationship rules

Since the introduction of FA 1996, interest payments for a limited company now fall under the loan relationship rules even if the company entered into the loan relationship for the purposes of its trade. There is, then, a distinction between trading and non-trading loan relationships. As the names suggest, generally speaking, a trading loan relationship will arise where a borrower has entered into the relationship to provide funding for its trade; otherwise, the relationship will be a non-trading loan relationship. The loan relationship rules are now found in CTA 2009, Part 5. For guidance on loan relationships, see the What is a loan relationship? guidance note.

For a property developer, finance will normally be required to some degree for a property acquisition and / or the development work itself. In this situation, the loan interest will be regarded as a trading loan relationship. CTA 2009, s 297(3) provides that trading loan relationship debits are treated as expenses of the trade and are therefore taken into account in computing the profits or losses of the trade for that period. CTA 2009, s 297(4) makes it clear that the loan relationship legislation overrides CTA 2009, s 54.

What constitutes interest can take a number of guises and it will be necessary to consider carefully any financial instrument entered into to dis

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