Destinations for rewritten material

E1.1134 …

The list below details the destinations of rewritten content:

E1.1110 [Rewritten—A relevant transfer of assets]

Rewritten to E1.1103

E1.1111 [Rewritten—Associated operations]

Rewritten to E1.1104

E1.1112 [Rewritten—A 'person abroad']

Rewritten to E1.1105

E1.1113 [Rewritten—Income payable to a person abroad]

Rewritten to E1.1105

E1.1120 [Rewritten—Liability of transferor: power to enjoy income of a person abroad—general]

Rewritten to E1.1103, E1.1107, E1.1109

E1.1121 [Rewritten—Meaning of 'power to enjoy']

Rewritten to E1.1106

E1.1122 [Rewritten—Income calculated to enure for the benefit of the transferor]

Rewritten to E1.1106

E1.1123 [Rewritten—Increase in value of transferor's assets]

Rewritten to E1.1106

E1.1124 [Rewritten—Receipt of, or entitlement to receive, a benefit]

Rewritten to E1.1106

E1.1125 [Rewritten—Power to obtain beneficial enjoyment]

Rewritten to E1.1106

E1.1126 [Rewritten—Power

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