I5.556 Examples of 18–25 trusts

IHT, trusts and estates

I5.556 Examples of 18–25 trusts

I5.556 Examples of 18–25 trusts

The following are some examples of where settled property will be within the 18–25 trust regime:


    (a)     Where a testator dies on or after 22 March 2006, and under the terms of his Will leaves an immediate legacy to his children (all under 18 at the time of his death) contingently on their attaining the age of 25 (and if more than one in equal shares), these should be 18–25 trusts within IHTA 1984, s 71D. They are not prevented from being such trusts if the powers to advance capital under Trustee Act 1925, s 32 are used (see I5.552)


    (b)     If the testator

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