I4.266 Quick succession relief (QSR)

IHT, trusts and estates

I4.266 Quick succession relief (QSR)

I4.266 Quick succession relief (QSR)

Relief for successive charges, usually referred to as quick succession relief (QSR), is available where the value of a person's estate was increased by a chargeable transfer (whether a lifetime transfer or one on death) ('the first transfer') made not more than five years before his death ('the later transfer')1. For further information on chargeable transfers see I3.102 and I4.101.

The IHT charged on the death is reduced by a percentage of the IHT charged on the net receipt by the deceased on the first transfer. The percentage varies according to the period between the dates of the transfer and the death2, as follows:

PercentagePeriod between transfer and death
reductionMore thanBut not more than
1001 year
801 year2 years
602 years3 years
403 years4 years
204 years5 years

Relief is also

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