Corporate tax | Commentary

D8.251 …

Corporate tax | Commentary

Division D8.2     [Rewritten—Venture capital trust schemes]

Destinations for rewritten material

D8.251 …

The list below contains the destinations of rewritten content:

D8.201 [Rewritten—Overview

Rewritten to E3.201.

D8.202 [Rewritten—Conditions for approval]

Rewritten to E3.230.

D8.203 [Rewritten—The nature of income condition]

Rewritten to E3.231.

D8.204 [Rewritten—The income retention condition]

Rewritten to E3.232.

D8.204A [Rewritten—The 15% holding limit condition]

Rewritten to E3.233.

D8.205 [Rewritten—The 80% qualifying holdings and 70% eligible shares conditions]

Rewritten to E3.234.

D8.206 [Rewritten—The investment limits condition]

Rewritten to E3.235.

D8.206A [Rewritten—The minimum investment on further issue condition]

Rewritten to E3.236.

D8.207 [Rewritten—The permitted maximum age condition]

Rewritten to E3.237.

D8.208 [Rewritten—The no business acquisition condition]

Rewritten to E3.238.

D8.209 [Rewritten—Withdrawal of approval]

Rewritten to E3.239.

D8.210 [Rewritten—Valuation of investment]

Rewritten to E3.240.

D8.211 [Rewritten—Mergers]


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