D7.459 Basic principles

Corporate tax
Corporate tax | Commentary

D7.459 Basic principles

Corporate tax | Commentary

BLAGAB management expenses

D7.459 Basic principles

The calculation of the BLAGAB adjusted management expenses required at Step 5 of the calculation of I-E profit (see D7.435) also follows a Step by Step process1.

Step 1 requires that the calculation begins with the ordinary BLAGAB management expenses referable to the accounting period in question (see D7.460). Step 1 also includes expenses that do not fall within the meaning of ordinary BLAGAB management expenses but which are treated as such by virtue of qualifying for relief under another provision of the Taxes Acts (see D7.461) and excludes amounts that are deductible under other relevant rules.

An amount is deductible under another relevant rule if:


    (a)     it is deductible in calculating BLAGAB miscellaneous income (FA 2012, s 92(3))


    (b)     it is deductible in calculating the profits of a property business (in which case relief is given in that computation and to include the expense as a BLAGAB management expense

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