Corporate tax | Commentary

D7.105A ...

Corporate tax | Commentary

Part D7     Special classes of company

Contents of Part D7

[D7.1]     [Rewritten—Corporate partnerships]

D7.2     Charitable corporations

D7.3     Companies with investment business, investment companies and investment trusts

D7.4     Life insurance companies

D7.5     [Removed]

D7.6     Friendly societies, registered societies etc

D7.7     Banks and other deposit takers

D7.8     Building societies

D7.9     Oil extraction and related activities

D7.10     Shipping companies and tonnage tax

D7.11     Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

D7.12     Creative industries

D7.13     Securitisation companies

D7.14     [Removed]

[Division D7.1]     [Rewritten—Corporate partnerships]

For updates affecting this Division please see 'Binder 6 updates'

Destinations for rewritten material

D7.105A ...

The list below details the destinations of rewritten content:

D7.101 [Rewritten—Introduction]

Rewritten to B7.510 and B7.515

D7.102 [Rewritten—Computation of trading profit or loss]

Rewritten to

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