Corporate tax | Commentary

D1.665 ...

Corporate tax | Commentary

Destinations for rewritten material

D1.665 ...

The list below details the destination of rewritten content:

D1.604 [Rewritten—Assets entirely excluded]

Rewritten to D1.603

D1.605 [Rewritten—Assets excluded except as regards royalties]

Rewritten to D1.603

D1.606 [Rewritten—Assets excluded to specified extent]

Rewritten to D1.603

D1.607 [Rewritten—Finance leasing]

Rewritten to D1.603

D1.612 [Rewritten—How debits and credits are given effect]

Rewritten to D1.629E

D1.613 [Deleted—Debits and credits brought into account for tax purposes]

Deleted as duplicated in D1.610

D1.615 [Rewritten—Double taxation relief]

Rewritten to D1.629F

D1.616 [Deleted—Controlled foreign companies]

Deleted as covered in D4.421

D1.623 [Rewritten—Change of accounting policy]

Rewritten to D1.629D

D1.627A [Rewritten—Debits in respect of goodwill and certain customer-related assets]

Rewritten to D1.629B

D1.631 [Rewritten—Realisations]

Rewritten to D1.630 for realisations and D1.630A for part

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