D1.1345 Claims, elections, assessments and appeals

Corporate tax
Corporate tax | Commentary

D1.1345 Claims, elections, assessments and appeals

Corporate tax | Commentary

Claims, elections, assessments and appeals

D1.1345 Claims, elections, assessments and appeals

Unless the contrary is stated, references in this article to a claim include references to an election.

A claim for relief, an allowance or repayment must be quantified at the time it is made1 and, subject to any special provision, must be made within four years of the end of the accounting period to which it relates2. For details see A4.204.

A company which has made a claim (whether or not by including it in a return) and subsequently discovers that there was a mistake in it, may amend it by making a supplementary claim within the time limit applicable to the original claim3.

The following claims can only be made by inclusion in a tax return (see also the general provisions described below)4:


    •     group relief, for current year and brought forward losses (see Division D2.2)


    •     capital allowances, including first year tax credits (see Part B3)


    •     research and development tax credits (see Division D1.4)


    •     land remediation tax credits (see Division D1.5)5


    •     vaccine research tax credits (see Division D1.4), and


    •     certain claims for creative industries tax relief (see Division D7.12)

Certain claims not required to be made in a company tax return may not be made before the return for the period to which the claim relates is delivered6. This applies to:


    •     claims for payment of tax credits, where still available (see D5.158), excluding claims by companies entitled to certain corporation tax exemptions


    •     certain claims

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