Capital gains tax | Commentary

C4.129 …

Capital gains tax | Commentary

Part C4     [Settlements and estates]

Contents of Part C4

[C4.1]     [Rewritten to I4.5]

[C4.2]     [Rewritten to I5.10]

[C4.3]     [Rewritten to I5.11]

[C4.4]     [Rewritten to I5.12]

[C4.5]     [Rewritten to I5.13]

[C4.6]     [Rewritten to I5.10]

[Division C4.1]     [Rewritten—Income and gains of estates during administration]

Destinations for rewritten material

C4.129 …

This division has been moved to Division I4.5. The list below details the destinations of individual articles:

C4.101 [Rewritten—Income and gains of estates during administration—introduction]

Rewritten to I4.530

C4.102 [Rewritten—Income and gains arising before death]

Rewritten to I4.531

C4.103 [Rewritten—Administration period]

Rewritten to I4.532

C4.104 [Rewritten—UK estates and foreign estates]

Rewritten to I4.533

C4.105 [Rewritten—Assessment of personal representatives]

Rewritten to I4.534

C4.106 [Rewritten—Computation of income of the estate

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