B6.705 ATED—charge to tax

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B6.705 ATED—charge to tax

Business tax | Commentary

ATED—The charge to tax

B6.705 ATED—charge to tax

The following conditions must apply on any day for ATED to be charged for a 'chargeable period'1:


    (a)     an interest (referred to as a 'single-dwelling interest' or SDI, see B6.720) in a UK dwelling (see B6.725 et seq) exists of taxable value (see B6.709) greater than £500,000 (£2m for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 chargeable periods; £1m for the 2015/6 chargeable period), and


    (b)     a company, partnership or collective investment scheme meets the ownership condition in relation to that interest

Refer to B6.702 and B6.703 for the interpretation of company, partnership and collective investment scheme for the purposes of the ATED legislation.

A chargeable period for ATED runs annually from 1 April each year2. The first

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