B3.101 Capital allowances—overview

Business tax
Business tax | Commentary

B3.101 Capital allowances—overview

Business tax | Commentary

Part B3     Capital allowances

Contents of Part B3

B3.1     General provisions

B3.2     Structures and buildings

B3.3     Plant and machinery

B3.4     Mineral extraction

[B3.5]     [Deleted—Agricultural buildings]

B3.6     Patent rights and know-how

B3.7     Research and development

B3.8     Dredging

B3.9     Assured tenancies

B3.10     Flat conversions

B3.11     Business premises renovation

Division B3.1     General provisions

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Capital allowances

B3.101 Capital allowances—overview

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In calculating the profits of a trade, profession, vocation or property business no deduction can be made for expenditure of a capital nature1. The distinction between revenue and capital expenditure is discussed at length in B2.304–B2.309, but in general expenditure on the provision of a fixed asset will be of a capital nature and will not be allowed as a deduction. The same principle applies to

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