Destinations for rewritten material

A6.435 ...

The list below contains the destinations of rewritten content:

A6.403 Rewritten—Time limits

Rewritten to A6.401

A6.407 Rewritten—General

Rewritten to A6.401

A6.408 Rewritten—Production of documents

Rewritten to A6.405

A6.412 Rewritten—Recalculating trading profits—review of private means

Rewritten to A6.411

A6.415 Rewritten—Taxpayer's request for closure notice

Rewritten to A6.418A

A6.415A Rewritten—Partial closure notices

Rewritten to A6.418A

A6.418 Rewritten—Concluding stages

Rewritten to A6.417

A6.419 Deleted—General


A6.421 Rewritten—Contract settlement—expected offer

Rewritten to A6.420

A6.422 Rewritten—No contract settlement—closure of enquiry

Rewritten to A6.420

A6.423 Rewritten—No contract settlement—closure of investigation

Rewritten to A6.420

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