[Division A6.10]     [Rewritten—Special Investigations]

Destinations for rewritten material

A6.1015 ...

The list below details the destinations of rewritten Simon's content:

A6.1001 [Rewritten—Function and scope]

Rewritten to A7.420

A6.1002 [Rewritten—HMRC codes of practice and guidance]

Rewritten to A7.421

A6.1003 [Rewritten—Introduction]


A6.1004 [Rewritten—Opening the case]

Rewritten to A7.422

A6.1005 [Rewritten—Meetings]

Rewritten to A7.422

A6.1006 [Rewritten—Progressing the case]

Rewritten to A7.422

A6.1007 [Rewritten—COP9 procedure]

Rewritten to A7.423

A6.1008 [Rewritten—COP9: opening the investigation]

Rewritten to A7.424

A6.1009 [Rewritten—COP9: Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF)]

Rewritten to A7.425

A6.1010 [Rewritten—COP9: Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF)]


A6.1011 [Rewritten—COP9: Hansard procedure]


A6.1012 [Rewritten—COP9: Meetings]

Rewritten to A7.426

A6.1013 [COP9—Progressing the case]

Rewritten to A7.426

A6.1014 [Rewritten—Criminal investigation and prosecution]

Rewritten to A7.430

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