[Division A3.7]     [Rewritten—The Tax Appeals Tribunals]

Destinations for rewritten material

A3.717 ...

The list below details the destinations of rewritten content:

A3.701 [Rewritten—Introduction to tax appeals tribunals]

Rewritten to A5.601

A3.702 [Rewritten—The tribunals Service]

Rewritten to A5.601

A3.703 [Rewritten—Tax appeals tribunals reform]

Deleted as obsolete

A3.704 [Rewritten—Structure of Tribunals generally]

Rewritten to A5.601

A3.705 [Rewritten—Tax Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal]

Rewritten to A5.605

A3.706 [Rewritten—Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal]

Rewritten to A5.611

A3.707 [Rewritten—Administration of Tribunals]

Rewritten to A5.608

A3.708 [Rewritten—Hearings]

Rewritten to A5.609

A3.709 [Rewritten—Judiciary]

Rewritten to A5.601

A3.711 [Rewritten—Tribunal procedure committee]

Rewritten to A5.601

A3.712 [Rewritten—First drafts of the First-tier Tax Chamber rules]

Deleted as obsolete

A3.713 [Rewritten—First-tier Tax Chamber rules]

Rewritten to A5.605–A5.610

A3.714 [Rewritten—Upper Tribunal Rules]

Rewritten to A5.611–A5.617


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