Part A3     Administration

Contents of Part A3

A3.1     Introduction

A3.7     The tax appeals tribunals

[Division A3.1]     [Rewritten—Administration—Introduction]

Destinations for rewritten material

A3.110 ...

The list below details the destinations of rewritten Simon's content:

A3.101A [Rewritten—HMRC's powers, and collection and management functions]

Rewritten to A6.301 and A6.301A

A3.104 [Rewritten—HMRC's service commitment and Charter]

Rewritten to A6.103

A3.104A [Rewritten—HMRC officers-conduct, confidentiality and disclosure of information]

Rewritten to A6.103A

A3.105 [Rewritten—Information and clearances from HMRC]

Rewritten to A6.107A

A3.106 [Rewritten—Office of Tax Simplification (OTS)]

Rewritten to A1.107

A3.107 [Rewritten—HMRC's tax agent strategy]

Rewritten to A6.102

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