9.1 Work pass

Malaysia | Commentary

9.1 Work pass

Malaysia | Commentary

9.     Employment law

9.1     Work pass

Work permits and visas are often referred to as 'passes' in Malaysia. The main types that are relevant to expatriates are summarised below

Types of passDetails
Short-term social visit passLimited duration (usually 30 days but can be longer).
Limited business activities are allowed (eg attendance at conferences etc)
Commercial activities are not allowed
Payment of remuneration in Malaysia is not allowed
Professional visit passFor foreigners with acceptable professional qualifications or specialised skills
Professional work for short-term period not exceeding 12 months is allowed.
Payment of any kind in Malaysia is not allowed
Employment passEmployer must apply for the pass
Application is through Expatriate Service Department (ESD)
Pass is employer specific – a change of job will require a new

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