Division V7.1 Tax planning

Part V7 Tax planning
Part V7 Tax planning | Commentary

Division V7.1 Tax planning

Part V7 Tax planning | Commentary

Part V7     Tax planning

V7.1     Tax planning

Division V7.1     Tax planning


VAT planning—preface V7.101

VAT planning/avoidance/abuse of rights/evasion V7.102

The legislative framework

VAT—EU/UK legislation V7.110

VAT planning generally

The purpose of VAT planning V7.120

General approach to VAT planning V7.121


VAT registration—introduction V7.130

VAT registration—compulsory registration V7.131

VAT registration—transfer of a going concern V7.132

Applying for VAT registration V7.133

Supplies made before a VAT registration number has been allocated V7.134

Input tax on goods and services obtained before VAT registration V7.135

Input tax on goods or services before incorporation V7.136

Voluntary VAT registration V7.137

VAT registration—an intention to trade in the future V7.138

VAT registration—exemptions and exceptions V7.139

VAT registration—changes of business details V7.140

VAT registration—the 'VAT trap' V7.141

Consequences of late registration

Identifying the correct date of registration V7.142

Arrears of tax through late registration V7.143

Belated VAT registration—penalty calculation and possible mitigation V7.144

Registering for VAT with no UK income (service business) V7.144A

VAT registration—planning points to consider V7.145


VAT deregistration—introduction V7.150

Reasons for voluntary VAT deregistration V7.151

VAT deregistration—reductions in future turnover V7.152

VAT deregistration—anti-avoidance measure V7.153

VAT deregistration—exclusion of capital assets V7.154

Administrative savings by not being VAT registered V7.155

Compulsory deregistration

Compulsory VAT deregistration—ceasing to trade V7.156

Claiming VAT after deregistration V7.156A

VAT deregistration—sale of a business V7.157

VAT deregistration—change of legal entity V7.158

Consequences of deregistration

Output tax on stock and assets held at time of VAT deregistration V7.159

VAT deregistration—transfer of a going concern V7.160

VAT deregistration—land and property issues V7.161

VAT deregistration—administration issues V7.162

VAT deregistration—bad debt relief V7.162A

VAT deregistration—planning points to consider V7.163

Group and divisional registration

Group and divisional registration—introduction V7.164

Rules for group registration V7.165

Applying for a group registration V7.166

Benefits and implications of group registration V7.167

Group registration—anti-avoidance measures V7.168

Group registration—holding companies V7.169


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