V3.167 Stamps, tokens and face value vouchers

Part V3 Supplies, acquisitions and imports

V3.167 Stamps, tokens and face value vouchers

V3.167 Stamps, tokens and face value vouchers

Face value vouchers—rules applying from 1 January 2019

European Commission consultation and proposal on the treatment of vouchers

In November 2006 the European Commission launched an online consultation1 for views from the public and business on a possible reform of the Community legislation on VAT in relation to vouchers, to avoid the problems of double taxation or non-taxation identified in IDT and (subsequently) Lebara.

The consultation was based on the 'Consultation Paper on modernising the Value Added Tax treatment of vouchers and related issues'. This listed the main problems identified in the VAT treatment of vouchers and related areas.

On 14 June 2007, the Commission published a summary report of the consultation2. The report reaches a number of tentative conclusions, including:


    •     the need for a clearer definition of 'voucher'


    •     the need to consider the place and time of supply in the light of the proposal for a directive on the place of supply rules (see V3.197)

The Commission subsequently (in May 2012) announced a proposal3 for a common system for the treatment of vouchers. This proposal envisaged three types of voucher: a single purpose voucher, a discount voucher and a multi-purpose voucher. The directive eventually adopted by the Council of the EU4 does not deal with discount vouchers, other than to say in the preamble that 'instruments entitling the holder to a discount upon purchase of goods or services but carrying no right to receive such goods or services should not be targeted by

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