V19.206 Estimate your Air Passenger Duty

Part V19 Air passenger duty

V19.206 Estimate your Air Passenger Duty

V19.206 Estimate your Air Passenger Duty

January 2018


A Special Accounting Scheme is a way of calculating your Air Passenger Duty using estimates if you do not have enough information, or have trouble getting the information, to complete your return using actual passenger numbers.

Under a Special Accounting Scheme you can estimate the number of passengers that are exempt or liable for each rate of duty by using:


    •     sampling and surveys


    •     historic data


    •     data from other systems

Special Accounting Schemes usually last for a year, but may sometimes cover a longer period.

You need approval from HMRC to use a Special Accounting Scheme.

When to use a Special Accounting Scheme

You may be able to use a Special Accounting Scheme if:


    •     it is not practical to identify flight exemptions and passenger duty liabilities from your existing systems


    •     it's too complex and time consuming to calculate the duty for each individual passenger


    •     you do not normally record passenger numbers, for example, if you charter planes


    •     you use multiple systems and you will not be able to get enough data in time to submit an accurate return

Plan how you'll calculate Air Passenger Duty

Calculate the duty in a Special Accounting Scheme by using either sampling or collecting data from other systems.

You'll need to work out your duty by calculating the average

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