101 How to use your duty deferment account

Part V17 Customs duties

101 How to use your duty deferment account

How to use your duty deferment account

March 2021

If you've already set up duty deferment account, you can defer paying duties and Import VAT when you complete your declaration.

You cannot defer duty if:


    •     you have exceeded your guarantee or account limit for the calendar month


    •     the amount in your account or guarantee left for the calendar month does not fully cover the deferment requested


    •     we have stopped the use of your account due to payment, or other compliance problems

If we refuse deferment, there will be a delay in clearance. It is important for you to have the correct guarantee or account level for any large import or peak period liabilities.

What you can defer

You can defer:


    •     customs duties


    •     Import VAT


    •     Excise duty VAT


    •     Excise duties (including Tobacco Products Duty)


    •     levies imposed under the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU


    •     Positive Monetary Compensatory Amounts under the Common Agricultural Policy


    •     anti-dumping or countervailing duties imposed by the EU


    •     interest charges on customs debts

When you must pay

Customs Duty and Import VAT

You must pay the duties and Import VAT you defer during one calendar month (the accounting period) as a total sum, either:


    •     on the 15th of the next month


    •     on the next working day after it if the 15th is not a working day

This means that you can defer duties and Import VAT for between 2 and 6 weeks - an average of 30 days credit.

This period of deferment also applies

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