V16.998 VAT—approved alterations to listed buildings

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V16.998 VAT—approved alterations to listed buildings

V16.998 VAT—approved alterations to listed buildings

Information Sheet 10/12, August 2012

1 Introduction

1.1 Who should read this information sheet?

Businesses supplying construction services in the course of an approved alteration to a protected building (including the supply by the business supplying these services, of building materials which are incorporated into the building).

Anyone making a first grant of a major interest (eg, a sale or long lease) of a substantially reconstructed protected building.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with Notice 708 “Buildings and construction” (published on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website), which it updates and supplements as appropriate.

1.2 What is this Information Sheet about?

Following changes announced at Budget 2012, this Information Sheet provides guidance on how to establish the correct VAT liability of approved alteration work of protected buildings. The liability of other construction services is covered in Notice 708.

1.3 When do the changes take effect?

The changes affect supplies of approved alterations to protected buildings and first grants of a major interest in a substantially reconstructed protected building that are made on or after 1 October 2012.

1.4 Why have these changes been introduced?

The changes remove the anomaly whereby the approved alteration of protected buildings are zero-rated but their repair and maintenance (and the alteration of other types of building) are standard-rated. The VAT treatment of approved alterations to protected buildings has been a major source of confusion, resulting in a high volume of taxpayer query and frequent error. These changes remove the need to try to distinguish between alteration and

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