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Tribunal Practice

A major new work on the practice and procedure of the new Tribunal system, established under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007
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Published: November 30, 2012
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846612169

Product description

Why should you buy Tribunal Practice

Tribunal Practice, a major practitioner text on the practice and procedure of the administrative tribunal system, is the most comprehensive work on this topic.

Logically organised, it enables you to easily find authoritative answers to all procedural issues arising in any of the Tribunal's chambers.

The work takes account of important changes to the tribunal system including the expansion of the General Regulatory Chamber, the revision of the tribunal procedural rules, and the Supreme Court decisions in R (Cart) v Upper Tribunal and Eba v Advocate General for Scotland, as well as comprehensive coverage of all decisions which touch upon procedure in the new tribunals.

The book contains:
* Detailed commentary from leading practitioners in the field, drawing on their extensive experience of tribunal and public law work
* A step-by-step guide covering every practice issue that might arise before a Tribunal, from how to initiate an appeal, to seeking a witness summons. Each step is referenced to the relevant tribunal procedural rules, practice statement, practice direction and other material such as case-law
* The up-to-date text of all the major statutes and statutory instruments that govern the procedure before the Chambers of the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal
* All major Practice Directions and Practice Statements
* Academic articles and journal references where appropriate

It is an affordable and authoritative one-stop shop for all practitioners, tribunal members and judges within the tribunal system, combining expert analysis with access to the latest version of the core materials.


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