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Tolley's Tax Digest Issue 233 - Corporate Transaction Structures: Legal Aspects for Tax Practitioners

Every tax practitioner advising companies and company owners will at some stage be required to address the question of 'exit' - the sale of the company buy its owners, or the sale of a business by the company that carries it on. This Digest provides a detailed explanation of these areas and other more common corporate transactions, along with 'how to' tips and common pitfalls.

Publisher: Tolley
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Published: March 16, 2022
ISBN/ISSN: Z000050871038
Publisher: Tolley

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Why should you buy Tolley’s Tax Digest

Tolley’s Tax Digest is a monthly publication covering everything you need to know about the most important topics in tax. Each month you'll receive a digest giving advice on a separate topic packed with practical guidance and worked examples. Over the year, these build into a comprehensive reference source, right there on your bookshelf.

These digests cover all the hot topics - such as trusts, IHT planning, profit extraction and tax on the family home. They are truly practical - written for practitioners, by practitioners.

Tolley’s Tax Digest is ideal for the busy practitioner seeking to get to grips with the rules without having to spend time researching detailed looseleafs or specialist textbooks.


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