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Tolley's Company Law Handbook 28th edition

Fully updated with all the latest company law developments and in an A-Z format.
Publisher: Tolley
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781474314510
Publisher: Tolley

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Why should you buy Tolley's Company Law Handbook 28th edition

Now in its 28th edition, the essential Tolley's publication is the first point of reference for accountants, solicitors, company secretaries and all those involved in company law. Fully updated with all the latest company law developments and in an A-Z format, this practical guide will enable you to remain at the forefront of company legislation matters.

This new edition covers, among tax law developments and other changes:

  • Chalcot Training Limited v HMRC on the issue of whether payments made to directors are remuneration or unlawful distributions
  • Vald. Nielsen Holding A/S v Baldorino on whether directors could owe fiduciary duties to the company's shareholders
  • Further elaboration of the Duomatic principle as to whether it can confer ostensible authority and how it may apply where the beneficial owner is the decision maker
  • Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd on the reflective loss principle
  • Amended Companies House filing procedures during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Further authority on requests to inspect a register of members
  • More on the hurdles to pursuing a derivative claim in the context of an LLP
  • Clarification of what happens to directors' duties during the hiatus after a company has been dissolved and before it is subsequently restored to the register
  • Clarification of the chair's powers in relation to a general meeting requisitioned by members
  • The Supreme Court decision in Lehtimaki and others v Cooper on the extent of the duties owed by members of a charitable company
  • New authority on the High Court ordering rectification of a company's register of members to replace a deceased sole member and director with his executors before an application for a grant of probate had been submitted
  • New Companies House guidance on reporting a discrepancy about a beneficial owner on the PSC register as applicable to financial institutions
  • New authorities on shareholder and share purchase agreements
  • The 2018 Corporate Governance Code coming fully into force and
  • Adjustments made to reflect the developing BREXIT situation.

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