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TolleyLibrary Light Tolley's Estate Planning

TolleyLibrary Light Tolley's Estate Planning helps you formulate strategies for the provision, holding and devolution of personal and family resources.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050638074
Publisher: LNUK

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Tolley®Library Light is a new service, offering the content you need in a quick and simple online platform for the same price as the print.

By subscribing to Tolley®Library Light you will get a wide range of benefits, including:
• The reassurance that the content is always completely up-to-date
• The ability to only subscribe to the titles that you need online
• Access to the HMRC manuals within our simple to use online library, which are updated daily so they always reflect any changes HMRC make
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Step-by-step assistance on estate planning. The latest edition of this key title sees Tolley live up to its reputation as the authority on tax matters. It contains all the information required to achieve the most cost-effective, convenient and effective estate planning. This well-established title helps you formulate strategies for the provision, holding and devolution of personal and family resources. Clear subject headings and straightforward explanations of routine and complex topics make for fast, effective research.

Table of contents


Part I: The Foundations of Commercial Law. The nature and sources of commercial law. Basic concepts of personal property. Some aspects of contract law. Commercial contracts. Agency in commercial transactions. Part II: Domestic Sales. A brief history of sales law. The contract of sale: its nature and function. The passing of the property. Risk and frustration. Delivery. The statutory implied terms in favour of the buyer. Rejection and its consequences. Acceptance. The buyer’s remedies for misrepresentation or breach by the seller. Duties of the buyer and remedies of the seller for misrepresentation or breach. Title conflicts between seller or buyer and third parties. Part III: Money, Payment and Payment Systems. Concepts of money and payment. Instruments generally. Bills of exchange. Cheques and the duties of bankers in relation thereto. Other instruments. Part IV: Secured Financing. The classification and characteristics of credit and security. The creation, enforcement and transfer of security rights. Principles of perfection and priorities. The floating charge. Part V: Specific Forms of Secured Business Finance. General financing considerations. Conditional sale and hire-purchase. The finance lease. Financing against stock and receivables. Guarantees. Part VI: Corporate Insolvency. Principles of corporate insolvency law. Part VII: International Trade and Finance. The characteristics and organisation of international sales transactions. The Vienna Convention on international sales. Documentary sales. The financing of international trade. Rights and duties of the sea carrier. Conflict of laws. Part VIII: The Resolution of Commercial Disputes. Litigation. Commercial arbitration. Part IX: Envoi. Final reflections. Index