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The Practice of Family Law: Evidence and Procedure

Expert commentary on key aspects which arise in the family courts
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846612947
Publisher: Family Law

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Why should you buy The Practice of Family Law: Evidence and Procedure


The Practice of Family Law: Evidence and Procedure provides a detailed commentary on a variety of aspects of evidence and procedure which arise on a day-to-day basis in the family courts. It adopts a wide definition of family law to comprise the law relating to family breakdown (married and unmarried couples) and public law children proceedings.

It comprises proceedings under the CPR 1998, as well as the mainstream under the FPR 2010, and it also considers administrative law aspects (eg judicial review and tribunals). The book is divided into three sections:

This section looks at pervasive principles in the family courts: the way the rules are made; confidentiality and legal representation; and the procedural problems thrown up by the parallel sets of rules in different courts.

A commentary on the procedural aspects of the rules as applied to family proceedings in their wider sense.

A study of the rules of evidence as they apply in the full spectrum of family proceedings: both in relation to proceedings in the family courts and family matters in other civil courts.

The Practice of Family Law: Evidence and Procedure is an indispensable guide to evidence and procedure for solicitors, barristers, the judiciary and related professionals.


"this new volume encompasses both the law relating to family breakdown and the public law proceedings relating to children.    With the everyday needs of the individual practitioner in mind, and pointing out that every family – and every family case -- is different, the author David Burrows has stated two main objectives: first, to deal with subjects that he refers to as important to the process of a family case, but which are not covered by the majority of texts… and secondly, to deal with subjects that are already covered, but in greater detail than one is likely to find elsewhere – evidence being the main example here ... the publication of this book is timely and certainly its practical approach -- complete with illustrative cases throughout -- is a boon to the family law practitioner.  The research undertaken to produce this volume is formidable, with extensive tables of cases, statutes and statutory instruments, plus a detailed table of contents and index. In our view, this book with its entirely contemporary outlook should become a valued addition to the family law practitioners’s library" An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

"an experienced and reliable invaluable tool for every family practitioner and conceivably the (overly) diligent law student...a skilled and thoughtful path through the procedural and evidential landscape...twenty nine chapters divide neatly and logically into three sections each with a specific and unique emphasis...At no time, however, is the writing style overlong or self-indulgent, meaning that ease of access and utility remain at the heart of the work...excellent procedural chapters...brings opportune elucidation to some of the thornier issues that surround family law...Detailed and systematic in its coverage...could be dipped into, a 'go-to' for clarification on a certain point of procedure, evidence or research...brings together within one bound volume all the diverse and disparate procedural and evidential rules with which a family barrister or solicitor ought to be is certain to be praised by practitioners...Useful...this text lives up to and exceeds the author's stated aim...strikes just the right tone between instructive, authoritative text and functional, crisp referencer. No practitioner or judge's shelf should be without a copy"            Chris Bevan, Barrister KCH Chambers, Family Law journal



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