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Social Media in the Workplace: A Handbook

Provides an overview of the various legal issues that can arise in the workplace through the use and application of social media.
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Published: October 31, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846618987

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Why should you buy Social Media in the Workplace: A Handbook

This new book provides an overview of the various legal issues that can arise in the workplace through the use and application of social media.

It explains the application of the law to the use of social media in the workplace, providing employers and their advisers with guidance on establishing and maintaining IT and social media policies.

The book also sets out the preventative steps that can be taken by employers to safeguard themselves and their employees from risk. Such risks include employee behaviour via social media that could give rise to disciplinary or dismissal procedures or which might impact on other employees; the need to safeguard data and the extent to which employers are able to monitor social media usage by their employees; and the risks that social media poses in respect of other claims, such as those pursuant to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Recommended reading for solicitors and barristers advising companies, charities, local authorities and universities. It is also suitable reading for in-house lawyers and company secretaries advising on best practice.


Communication is the defining achievement of human society, and social media may be its apotheosis. Social media platforms are deeply rooted in the human desire to connect and to communicate. It is the first truly global active method of mass communication. The culmination of millennia of theory and invention has resulted in the instantaneous ability to share views or thoughts with the world at large, and immediately receive commentary, criticism, praise and opprobrium. Read the full preface...


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Table of contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Authors
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Statutory Instruments
  • Introduction
  • Social Media and Internet Use at Work: An Overview
  • IT and Social Media Policies and Internet Monitoring
  • Disciplinary Issues and Investigation
  • Whistleblowing and Regulatory Issues
  • Analysis of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (‘PfHA’)
  • Cyber-harassment and Cyber-bullying in Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Social Media
  • Controls and Checks on Social Media Presence
  • Social Media and Comparative Law
  • Future Developments
  • Conclusion
  • Precedents, Flowcharts and Templates
  • Case Study
  • Other Material
  • Index
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