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Running a Limited Company Eighth edition

A practical guide on the legal, accounting and tax compliance rules and implications on running a business as a limited company
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846617423

Product description

Why should you buy Running a Limited Company Eighth edition

Written in plain language and using practical examples, diagrams and checklists, Running a Limited Company is an easy-to-follow guide for both professionals and lay people. Within one handy volume, this text covers all the essential information required for establishing and managing a limited company.

Fully updated for 2013 this new edition has been completely updated to take in to account significant amendments made to the Companies Act 2006 in relation to the appointment and powers of proxies and corporate representatives to attend company shareholder meetings, registration of charges granted by a company to secure its borrowings and company share buy-backs. It also includes changes in employment law and insolvency law. Chapter 13 also looks at the company's need to use lawyers, accountants and bankers. It analyses the do-it-yourself versus buy-it-in decision, sets out the wide range of services on offer, and suggests how to get the most out of using professionals.


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