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Re-rooted Lives: Inter-disciplinary work within the Family Justice System 2nd edition

An important source of reference for all those involved in child protection work
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781846610479
Publisher: Family Law

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Why should you buy Re-rooted Lives: Inter-disciplinary work within the Family Justice System Second edition

The interdisciplinary Dartington Conferences, introduced the family judiciary to the important role of child psychology and psychoanalysis in the outcome of child protection cases.

A decade on, the diverse professions working in the family justice system continue to share the common goal of preventing or ameliorating the effects of 'rooted sorrows', despite the inevitable tension between the aspiration to 're-root lives' and the difficulty of providing that ideal in many individual cases.

Through papers written by distinguished contributors drawn from various disciplines, edited and grouped thematically by Carola Thorpe and Judith Trowell, Re-rooted Lives provides a detailed exploration of both the theory and practice which underpins the attempt to achieve the best outcomes for children and their families.

This fascinating book is essential reading and an important source of reference for all those involved in child protection work including lawyers, health professionals, social workers, mediators, and the police.


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Table of contents

Section 1

Childhood and Social Order: The Emergence of Internal Law
Dr Clifford Yorke

Child Sexual Abuse Hearings In Family Courts: the Role of the Judge and the Value of the Expert Witness
Lord Justice Wall

Expert Evidence: Evident and not Evident
Dr Judith Freedman

What is ‘True Enough' to be Convincing Evidence? The Child Psychotherapist, The Family, The Team and The Court
Beverley Tydeman

Therapeutic Assessments': Assessing the Ability to Change
Dr Eia Asen

Entangled Bonds: Psychodynamic Assessments of Sibling Relationships for the Family Courts
Jenifer Wakelyn

A Child Psychotherapist's Assessment Tools -
Dr Janine Sternberg

Examining the Evidence Base in Child Protection: A Paediatrician's View
Professor Jo Sibert

Section 2

Isn't the Judge Human Too?
Mr Justice Hedley

‘This Even-Handed Justice'
Stephen Cobb, QC

Standing Firm Beside ‘Fact'
Dr Anne Zachary

Representing Asian Families in the Family Courts
Khatun Sapnara

The Language of Law and the Nature of Families
Katherine Gieve

Section 3

Visions of Excellence - Law, Healing and Humanity
Henry Brown

Myths about Family Mediation
Christopher Richards

What is the Future for Social Work with Children?
Michael Leadbetter

Section 4

Beyond Mothering: Dispelling Three Myths About Family Relationships and Children's Adaptation
Professors Philip a Cowan and Carolyn Pape Cowan

Relationships: Law Content and Form
Dr Stephen Cretney