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Mental Health and Family Law

The papers of the 2009 Interdisciplinary Conference at Dartington Hall.
Publisher: Family Law
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Published: April 30, 2010
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846612114
Publisher: Family Law

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Mental Health and Family Law is the result of the 2009 Interdisciplinary Conference held at Dartington Hall. The Conference assembled a uniquely qualified group of contributors, drawn from the many professions involved in the work of the family justice system. This book brings together their papers and provides a detailed examination of the latest theory and practice in respect of:

  • Parental mental health and its impact on children
  • Assessing and representing parents with mental health issues
  • Specific issues relevant to mental health
  • Children's mental health problems
  • Intervention options
  • Responsibilities in relation to services to children and parents

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Table of contents

PLENARY 1 - Parental Mental Health and its Impact on Children

Clinical Psychopathy, Personality Disorder and Risk of Intra-Familial Violence
Professor Jane L Ireland and Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan

Working with Families Where a Parent has Mental Health Problems: Risks, Opportunities and Challenges
Dr Diana Cassell

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court: A New Approach to Safeguarding the Children of Parents who Abuse Drugs and Alcohol
Dr Mike Shaw

PLENARY 2 - Assessing and Representing Parents with Mental Health Issues

Assessment and Decision Making - Paralysis in the Family and Professional System in Parents with Personality Disorder
Minna Daum

Representation of Parents with Mental Health Issues
Peggy Ekeledo, Burke Niazi, Janice Kaufman and Helen Clift

Caring in the Family
Ann Tucker

PLENARY 3 - Specific Issues Relevant to Mental Health

Young Carers - or Children in Need of Care? Decision Making for Children of Parents with Mental Health Problems
Professor Gillian Schofield and Dr Judi Walsh

Culture in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr Nisha Dogra

PLENARY 4 - Children’s Mental Health Problems – Nature, nature and Nurture, and Nurture

Nature Nurture: Childhood Mental Health Disorders Issues Relevant to Decision Making in the Courts
Dr Claire Sturge

Parenting Shortcomings that Lead to Mental Health Problems for Children - Attachment Issues, Abuse And Neglect
Dr Danya Glaser

PLENARY 5 - Intervention Option

Therapeutic Support for Parents with Mental Disorders - Focus on Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADHD)
Dr Kiriakos Xenitidis, Dr James Jeffs and Dr Sally Cubbin

Therapeutic Support for Children and Young People during Proceedings and in Short-Term Placements
Dr David Lucey

Entrenched Parental Positions Post-Separation - Do they amount to a Mental Health Disorder and how can they be Treated?
Dr Eia Asen

PLENARY 6 - Responsibilities in Relation to Services to Children and Parents

Supporting the Future or 'Too Little Too Late?' - A Judicial Perspective
HHJ Angela Nield

Reclaiming Social Work - Keeping Families Together
Isabelle Trowler and Steve Goodman

A Partnership Approach to the Delivery of CAMHS and Children's Social Care Services
Karin Courtman and Sandie Chatterton

PLENARY 7 – Conference Action Points
Conference Resolutions